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V7 Training




No gimmicks.

Just Results.

"At some point, talent alone will not be enough!  So what will give you the Athletic Advantage?"


Consistency & Frequency are two crucial criteria for getting better!  Our programs are built on muscle memory, and are designed to get results in a short period of time.  The more consistent and frequent the training, the quicker you'll notice the results.  For that reason, we always encourage registering for a comprehensive "program" rather than "one-off sessions".  However, we also understand that there are circumstances that are a better fit for our one-time sessions.  Regardless, we will make you better...GUARANTEED!!!

We offer sessions at various locations.  We do have a few "favorite" spots, and we have sessions/classes at these locations as much as possible. Our primary indoor location is at Providence Road Church of Christ, while our primary outdoor location is at the Matthew's Sportsplex.  However, if these primary locations aren't within a reasonable drive, we will find a location that is more conveniently located.

Individual & Group Trainings are offered in blocks of 8 sessions.  Training costs are per athlete.

Athletes may pay for their entire program up front or they may choose to make payments.

In order to begin the program, payment for at least one block is required up front.

Sessions can be scheduled as many times per week as the athlete would like.

1 block = $200

2 blocks = $400

3 blocks = $600

4 blocks = $800

5 blocks = $1000

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