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Consistency & Frequency are two crucial criteria for getting better!  Our programs are built on muscle memory, and are designed to get results in a short period of time.  The more consistent and frequent the training, the quicker you'll notice the results.  For that reason, we always encourage registering for a comprehensive "program" rather than "one-off sessions".  However, we also understand that there are circumstances that are a better fit for our one-time sessions.  Regardless, we will make you better...GUARANTEED!!!


V7 Training is part of Victory Sports USA!  With the repurposing of Victory Sports, V7 has also been restructured.  What that means is that many of our training programs will now be FREE (well, technically 😁).  The programs that are "free" will be by DONATION ONLY, and there will be suggested donation amounts.  You will notice the suggested donation amounts below, based on the length of each session; however, they are only suggested amounts.  You can make a donation in any amount you are able to.

We understand that there will be folks who can afford training as well as those who are not able to afford training.  We do not want money to be the reason why an athlete cannot be the best they can be.  If you are able to afford making a donation over and above the suggested donation amounts, please do.  You will be helping someone, who cannot afford training, get the training they need.

What are the suggested donation amounts?

$25 - 30 min

$37 - 45 min

$50 - 60 min

(Fees are per session.  Schedule as many sessions as you'd like.)

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