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Would you like to simply start exercising? 
Do you already exercise but want to try something new and exciting? 
Are you hardcore about your fitness and would like to conquer another challenge?

Whatever your level of fitness...

You need to try COR.E!!!

We know how busy you are, but we also know how important it is to stay active.  COR.E is a great way to "get your exercise on", without complicating your schedule, no matter how in shape or out of shape you are!  Locations vary.  We do have a few "favorite" spots, and we have sessions/classes at these locations as much as possible. Our primary indoor location is at Providence Road Church of Christ, while our primary outdoor location is at the Matthew's Sportsplex.  However, if these primary locations aren't within a reasonable drive, we will find a location that is more conveniently located.


COR.E is a circuit training program that involves performing exercises at timed intervals, in order to achieve a full-body workout.

You can move at your own pace, based on where you feel you're at in your fitness journey, since each exercise

will have beginner level through advanced level methods.  Classes are for youth and adults.



                                          1.  Decide whether you'd like personal training or fitness classes.

                                         2.  Contact us to let us know which of the above (step 1) you'd like to do.

                        3.  Wait for us to reach out with all the details.

           4.  Show Up & Be AWESOME!!!

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