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The Street League is hosting a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, along with Victory Sports & V7 Training!!!

🏀  JUNE 3 🏀

👉  The tournament will start at 9Am.

👉  The Youngest divisions will compete first.

👉  the adult divisions will compete last.

👉  Times may be adjusted depending on the number of teams in each division.

The entry fee is twofold, which includes a minimal cost of $25/player as well as an item (or items) that will benefit the charity chosen for this tournament.  There will also be multiple divisions, from youth through adult.  See below.

**Youth Divisions


1st-2nd Grade (co-ed)

3rd-5th Grade (co-ed)

Middle School Boys

Middle School Girls

High School Boys

High School Girls

**Adult Divisions


Competitive (Men 18+)

Competitive (Women 18+)

Recreational (Coed 18+)

Over The Hill (Men 35+)

Over The Hill (Women 35+)

*4 team minimum is required to have a tournament for that division.

**Players in the High School divisions may also play in the Adult Divisions, as long as they meet the age requirements.

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